Return Forms

Pharmatech Services has provided downlaodable forms. Please print as many forms as needed to assist in preparation of your return.

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Preparing your Return

Proper preparation of your return for shipment will protect your products during transit to Pharmatech Services. Please follow the instructions below for preapring your return.

  • Walk through the shelves of the pharmacy pulling ALL outdated material and up to 4 months in-dated products.
  • We recommend that a facility inventory the products they are sending for return. Inventory sheets can be downloaded and printed. If you have prepared an inventory of your own it may be submitted in lieu of a Pharmatech Services inventory.
  • Use a bag or small box to segregate Schedule 3-5 products from legend drugs within the box. Do not include known hazardous materials within your return. Items such as compounding raw materials that listed as hazardous must be handled in accordance with EPA and DOT regulations. Contact our regulatory personnel for assistance at (813) 749-7113.
  • Place everything in one or multiple boxes. Be sure to carefully wrap any glass containers and enclose all paperwork.
  • Secure each box carefully to avoid losing any merchandise. Give the packaged return to your UPS driver or contact Pharmatech Services to arrange for pick-up.

Preparing a Schedule II Return

Due to regulatory requirements, Schedule II returns require special preparation and shipment. Please refer to the instructions prior to shipping a Schedule II return.

  • Obtain Schedule II Return Request Forms from your account representative at (813) 749-7113 or submit request online. Additional request forms may also be printed .
  • Fax completed Schedule II Return Requests to (813) 749-7123 .Allow 10-14 days for receipt of your DEA Form-222.
  • When the DEA Form-222 arrives, package all products (note: do not package C2’s with other non-control or schedule 3-5 products). Prepared DEA Form-222 cannot be modified. If you require assistance please contact Pharmatech Services at (813) 749-7113.
  • After products have been packaged, enclose a copy of the DEA Form-222, seal the box and attach the enclosed prepaid shipping label and give the packaged return to your UPS driver or contact Pharmatech Services to arrange for pick-up.
  • The brown copy of the DEA 222 Form is for your records, the green copy is to be forwarded to your local DEA office. Remember a photocopy should be enclosed with the return.
  • Please contact us with any questions at (813) 749-7113.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions about the return process have been listed below for your convenience. If you require assistance please contact Pharmatech Services at (813) 749-7113.

Are all return services the same?

The answer is no. While the top tier return companies have similar capabilities the service may vary greatly. Our technology is specifically designed for returns processing and is updated daily to ensure maximum reimbursement as well as a speedy recovery. Additionally there are many services that lack compliance and are prone to undisclosed add on fees. That is not to mention the other so called return companies that do not meet the top tier requirements.

Should I care if my return company lacks compliance or proper licensing?

Absolutely! Your responsibility does not end once your products are shipped. It is your responsibility to ensure the company you are using is licensed and fully compliant with all federal and state regulations.

Why should I use Pharmatech Services?

We are glad you asked! We are a company with several years of experience in returns and disposal. We possess technology that yields the highest reimbursement in the industry in the shortest amount of time. We are fully licensed, compliant, and knowledgeable in every aspect of returns, disposal, controlled substances, hazardous waste, etc. Most of all we care! It is our goal to build a long term mutually beneficial relationship with each and every Client.