What We Do

Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution

Pharmatech Services is a full service return company that recovers the most for your merchandise, charges less for the service, and treats every customer with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Pharmatech Services, Inc. is a fully licensed Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor. Pharmatech Services remains current with all regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical distribution and disposition and adheres to all training and registration requirements of the Drug Enforcement Administration, State Regualatory Agencies, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation,and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The products we can accept for processing are as follows:

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  • Schedule II Controlled Substances.
  • Schedule III - V Controlled Substances.
  • Legend Drugs.
  • Generic Medications.
  • Partial Containers.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Pharmatech Services, Inc. has dedicated regulatory compliance personnel to assist in preparing and managing pharmaceutical outdates and waste. All products determined to be non viable will be properly classified and documented in preparation for disposition. Customers will receive a detailed non-returnable product inventory. Certification of disposition will be provided to customers. Waste items will be characterized as:

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  • DEA regulated / EPA non-regulated waste.
  • DEA regulated / EPA regulated waste.
  • EPA non- regulated waste / pharmaceutical.
  • EPA non- regulated waste / OTC.

Hazardous Materials and Waste

Many pharmaceuticals can be considered hazardous waste when discarded. Pharmaceuticals are classified as hazardous due to EPA classification of hazardous ingredients or due to characteristic hazards exhibited by the material. Pharmaceuticals are not waste until a final determination of product viability is made. Once a product has been classified as non viable, that product becomes a waste and must be processed accordingly. Inherently hazardous chemicals may not be processed under the same viability standards. Chemicals that are considered EPA RCRA regulated waste must be managed as waste by the generating facility and not forwarded to the reverse distributor. In order to avoid penalties imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation, facilities should refrain from sending the following items to Pharmatech Services, Inc.:

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  • EPA regulated chemicals (Acetone, Acids, etc.).
  • Compounding preparations.
  • Compounding ingredients.
  • Electronics and Batteries.
  • Aerosol containers.