Regulatory Services

Regulatory compliance is our priority. Pharmatech Services, Inc. is a fully licensed Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor. Pharmatech Services remains current with all regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical distribution and disposition and adheres to all training and registration requirements of the Drug Enforcement Administration, State Regualatory Agencies, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation,and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Our dedicated regulatory compliance personnel are devoted to the task of providing our account representatives with the most current regulatory guidance. Real time updates enable the client to receive proper instruction when preparing product returns for shipment to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Audit Support

Pharmatech Services, Inc. will provide ongoing support to clients including audit support. All documentation pertaining to your product returns is maintained in an electronic format and can be forwarded to your facility via email in the event of an audit and the original copies have been misfiled. Anything Pharmatech can do to assist in your facilities' compliance, we are committed to doing just that.


Pharmatech Services, Inc. maintains licensing with all rquired Federal, State, and Local agencies. We are continuously reviewing licensing requirements and adding licenses as required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some regulatory questions arise frequently. Some of the the most common regulatory questions have been answered here.

Why did I not receive a copy of the DEA Form-41?

The DEA Form-41 is the record of destruction completed by Pharmatech Services, Inc. The DEA discourages use of the DEA Form-41 as an inventory document. Upon taking receipt of your items, Pharmatech will provide you with a detailed inventory of all controlled substances received both credit eligible and non.

Do I have to complete an inventory on the sheet provided?

An inventory provides a record of shipment for your benefit and for proper verification of items received. If you have already prepared an inventory, you may submit that in lieu of Pharmatech's inventory document. Please forward the documents to Pharmatech Services upon shipment.

How long will it take for me to receive my 222 form for my schedule II return?

Average turn around time is 7 - 10 days from the receipt of a completed Schedule 2 Return request. Use of the online schedule II return request page will expedite the process.

Can I make changes to the 222 form that I receive?

A minor correction may be acceptable. Multiple changes to the 222 form are discouraged by the DEA. If there are quantity changes or other modifications please contact the Pharmatech Regulatory Department for guidance or to request an updated form.